Giving Pens As Gifts

Why Pens Make ‘The Perfect Gift’

Ever since the Ancient Egyptians first used reeds to write on papyrus, human beings have sought to find better ways of recording their thoughts. From the first crude fountain pens of the nineteenth century to disposable ballpoints, our obsession with the handwritten word has never waned. The Spanish writer, Miguel Cervantes Saavedra said ‘the pen is the tongue of the mind‘. Even in today’s technological world, a pen makes the perfect gift.

There are a plethora of products available to choose from when looking for the ideal gift. Chocolates, flowers, jewelry, clothes, bags or toiletries are all there for the taking. With any of these you risk duplicating an item the recipient already owns, buying yet another uninspired present. If you are looking to buy a unique gift, something which will resonate with the giftee for their lifetime, then a pen is a perfect choice.

Why a pen?

The pen is an extension of the person. As glasses are to vision, pens are to the spirit. The physical activity of writing is more authentic and impassioned when it is carried out with a finely crafted writing instrument. The sound of the nib caressing the paper along with the indescribable smell of the ink can never be replaced by the cold keyboard. Nietzsche believed  One must also be able to dance with the pen.In order to dance, one must first be in possession of the perfect pen.

Ballpoints and cheap disposable pens are alright for writing a shopping list but hey have no longevity and certainly no sophistication. An exquisitely crafted pen is timeless. A pen is a gift which will be treasured forever.

Pen the memories

There are key moments in life to be celebrated. We observe special occasions such as graduations, weddings, and births by showering the celebrant with gifts.

For graduation, a pen is a classic present. It speaks of success and of mastery in a particular field. A pen will be the tool that they will notate their future with. It is the gift for the learned and one which is quintessential of academia.

Although unusual, the gift of a pen for an engagement or wedding will demonstrate a truly considered present. Pens for the bride and groom can be used by both parties to sign the wedding register after the ceremony. The pens will become synonymous for the couple with their big day and forever hold a beloved place in their hearts. The pen will remind them of the gifter even after that person has long since left the mortal coil.

Just as for a wedding, pens are unique gifts for new parents. The gift of a bespoke pen, such as one from the Bethlehem Collection, will make you stand out from the crowd of people giving baby clothes and tiny booties. An exquisite pen with a card to say that it should be used to sign the birth certificate is an emotive gift. The same pen can be used to mark all the milestones of that child’s life. They can pen the memories of their new addition for a lifetime.

A retirement marks the traditional time to bestow a pen. This is the occasion for a meaningful present to a colleague who has given their all for a number of years. What you choose to present as a retirement gift must scream of respect and gratitude. A pen, especially one which signifies maturity much like the Whiskey Collection, will be appreciated for years to come. Retirement is no longer viewed as the last period of usefulness a person will have but rather as the beginning of a phase of freedom and fun. Give a pen for the retiree to write the next great chapter of their life.

Anniversaries can be marked with a beautiful fountain pen. An outstanding piece from any of the B. Smith & Co. collections will capture the essence of luxury, making it the perfect gift for a much-loved spouse.

If it is your boss that you are searching to buy a present for then a pen is a fitting gift. Pulling out a unique and elegant pen during a meeting is the height of professionalism and lends an air of authority to the owner. Your boss will appear organized whilst looking stylish – a winning combination. In a business, pens can also make excellent promotional tools. Presenting a deluxe pen to a person or company with whom you wish to collaborate with will be sure to get you recognized. The gift will be a splendid reminder of your generosity and confidence.

Other popular holidays to consider gifting a pen include Father’s Day, birthdays, and all of your celebrated religious holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid Al-Fitr, Kwanza, etc.).

What to look for when buying a pen as a gift

It is important to decide which type of nib best suits your giftee. Fountain pens invoke something romantic and reminiscent of days past whereas a rollerball may be more practical in a busy work environment. 

If you are looking for a luxurious gift then the key is to obtain something unusual, unique in design and in some cases even otherworldly. Gifting a pen which comes with a certificate authenticating it as crafted from a meteorite certainly sets it apart from anything else. This is an item that will show the recipient just how much you care.

A delicately handcrafted pen is a present for any occasion and is an item to be prized. 

Without a pen in my hand, I can’t think.  -John Le Carre.

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